About Us

'I have a wager that the 21st century belongs to China'
Philip Dodd, Financial Times, July 2004

<b>Made In China</b> Made in China is a London-based company founded in 2004. It works with city government, brands, media and creative businesses and individuals to bring China into Europe and to take Europe into China. The company has generated a great deal of media interest from the Financial Times to CCTV, from BBC television to Beijing’s Economic Observer and has been called ‘visionary’ by the Australian media. The Company develops work done by its chairman Philip Dodd in greater China since 1998, when he was invited to complement the visit to China by the then Prime Minister Tony Blair with a series of exhibitions and events in Beijing and Shanghai.
Our work includes the following: <b>Creative industries Strategy</b> Advise city governments on how to attract, develop and promote creative industries <b>Create Festivals and events</b> Develop major city-wide festivals and events, providing content, management and global PR <b>Networks and introductions</b> One to one meetings for important individuals and CEOs with their peers in China and Europe <b>Branding, PR, Media</b> Devise branding and media strategies for festivals, events, cities, SMEs and global corporations <b>Creative industries tours</b> Unique week-long programmes in the UK to network and train Chinese officials and creative business people <b>Project management</b> Professional management of exhibitions, festivals and cultural events